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Good reasons for a DCIG membership

  • For all DCIG events and events of the regional chapters, you are granted a considerable discount of up to 50 % on the attendance fee compared to non-members.
  • You receive the magazine "Schnecke" (german language) automatically within the scope of your membership – regularly, punctually, easily.
  • Should you have any legal questions, we will recommend specialist lawyers to you, who offer first legal advice free of charge exclusively for DCIG members.
  • You receive up-to-date information whenever we know of something new that you might be interested in.
  • You can express your opinion: We conduct regular surveys about controversial issues among our members to make your voice heard in politics.
  • You can become active yourself: in one of our numerous self-help groups or in the regional chapters.
  • Through your membership you can ensure that your interests are represented in politics, in trade organisations, with funders and other decision makers.
  • Through your membership you can support us in our daily work aimed at an inclusive society for severely hearing-impaired people.


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Please select a regional chapter
Bayerischer Cochlea Implantat Verband e.V. (Bavaria) - BayCIV (50 Euro/Year)
Berlin-Brandenburgische Cochlea Implantat Gesellschaft e.V. (Berlin-Brandenburg) - BBCIG (46 Euro/Year)
Cochlea Implantat Verband Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Baden-Wuerttemberg) - CIV BaWü (50 Euro/Year)
Cochlear Implant Verband Hessen-Rhein-Main e.V. (Hesse) - CIV HRM (46 Euro/Year)
Cochlea Implantat Verband Mitteldeutschland e.V. (Central Germany) - CIV MD (46 Euro/Year)
Cochlea Implantat Verband Nord e.V. - CIV Nord (Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony) (55 Euro/Year)
Cochlea Implantat Verband Nordrhein-Westfalen (North-Rhine Westphalia) - CIV NRW (46 Euro/Year)
"Kleine Lauscher", Elterninitiative zur lautsprachlichen Förderung hörgeschädigter Kinder e.V. (Parents initiative for the spoken-language support of hearing-impaired children) (48 Euro/Year)
Bundesverband Deutsche Cochlea Implantat Gesellschaft e.V. (Federal Association) - DCIG (60 Euro/Year)
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