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About us

What is the DCIG?

We hear this question quite frequently. However, the question should actually be: Who is it? Because the DCIG, that’s people who live with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Most of them rely on spoken language communication, others use sign language and some are even bilingual! We give advice, support and act as intermediaries.

The DCIG is ...

neutral! It represents people with a hearing impairment and feels exclusively obliged to the interests of these people.

... neutral!

The DCIG is ...

free! This also means that we are free in what we think and what we do as regards clinics, therapy centres, manufacturers of hearing aids or other interest groups.

... free!

The DCIG is ...

political! We take a stand. We take action wherever the interests of the hearing-impaired are at stake.

... political!

The DCIG is ...

curious! Exchange with scientists, physicians and experts from practice is important to us! This helps us to keep up to date.

... curious!

The DCIG is ...

self-confident! We stand up for equal treatment between professionals and the people concerned.

... self-confident!

The DCIG is ...

experienced! The society was founded 30 years ago along with the first CI implantations. Since that time, it has been deeply committed to CI care in specific cases and in scientific discussion. Meanwhile, the society has more than 2200 members, 8 regional chapters and over 130 self-help groups.

... experienced!